Places to travel and enjoy in Munich

I always had a dream to travel Munich that I always revered as to be a place of choice and opinion in Berlin. And what is the particular reason to get attracted towards the Munich is the Oktoberfest, for what this city is best known for. Oktoberfest, relatively, is a yearly beer festival that is organized yet in a smaller German city, Munich that even too has much for a feel of an urban cosmopolitan city. Anyway, while coming back to my resolve to travel Munich which I finally visited last week after thinking and finally deciding over for my tour of the city of Munich. However, before arriving at the Munich International Airport, I for my convenience got one of the reasonable hotels in Munich around the airport, pre-booked. And for my satisfaction, I let it to be ensured as one of the cheap hotels in Munich.

After reaching at Munich airport, I went straight to the hotel room and rested there for a while and next moved on to the tour of the city of Munich. I started the journey of the Munich from its center, the Marienplatz that can easily be traveled around in 30 minutes time from its one side to the side. There I was fortunate enough to visit a good number of malls, market and churches as well in the royal palace. On an advice of a fellow traveler on a trio I even dared to peep into at the North of Marienplatz is Schwabing, which is the entertainment district out there and is home to prominent number of city’s bars, pubs and nightclubs. On the west of above two talked districts I found the museum quarter that houses about 40 local museums. Though I had not much idea about the River Isar that flows at the eastern side of the city. Other attractive spots located at the eastern side of the city were the Nymphenburg palace and gardens.

One of the numbest spot during journey to the Munich was at the Dachau concentration camp where the strong hold of Hitler’s army was during the Holocaust. Though the most of the structures and building around the area were destroyed during the period world war and at its end, yet the remains there tell about the horrific and treacherous past this place has suffer. I too spared some of my time into shopping as Maximilianstrasse, Hohenzollernstr, and Leopoldstr are three most noted shopping street in Munich. I even not left out traveling the three most revered shopping malls, the PEP, the OEZ and Riem Arkaden. After moving around and dinning at the some of the restaurants I moved back to my Munich hotel to have a nap till my trip for the next day.

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